Web Development

As the digital media has become quintessential for running any kind of organization, the presence of a strong website to support the establishment is indispensable. We at Dimoda Lab are here to design and develop the best websites for our clients with brilliant web graphic and user interface designs. We always stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends in the digital platform and our team continuously makes effort to develop top notch websites that provide the users the very best web experience which will strongly help the firms to meet their objectives

E-commerce Website Development

Got a business of your own? Then your business got to have an online presence! Team Dimoda Lab is here to develop the perfect website for any kind of business venture. We build tailor made websites for all our clients based on the needs and unique requirements. The online store that we create for our clients’ products and services will be highly user friendly with easy navigation options and hassle-free, quick purchase facilities that will create excellent rapport between our clients and their customers.

The basic features of the E-Commerce Website will be:

  • High level of usability and functionality
  • Clients can easily control their business operations
  • Exceptionally attractive website that offers the best online shopping experience to the customers

Enterprise Website Development

Different clients like businesses, government entities, schools, charities, and even large clubs and interest-based groups have different needs based on the nature and size of their operations. We understand this fact and always keep this in mind while developing the Enterprise Website to help our clientele attain their organizational goals. Our team takes utmost care of all the aspects that go into the design and implementation of this type of sites

The Enterprise Website that we develop will:

  • Easily help people to find what they want
  • Generate leads and interest
  • Provide fresh and valuable contents
  • Allow for analysis/tracking for organizational needs

Custom Web Application Development

Creating a Custom Web Application is sometimes necessary for certain businesses. Our expert team at Dimoda Labs will help any kind of organization by developing outstanding custom applications based on their requirements. We design custom web applications making use of the latest trends and technologies that will help the firm to gain a competitive advantage in the market

The features of the Custom Web Application Development are:

  • Highly useful web applications to meet various organizational needs
  • Reliable custom applications
  • Provides better navigational experience to users

Mobile Website Development

Smart phones have become irreplaceable from our lives now! The presence of mobile website for any organization is thus inevitable in this digital era. We are here to design the best mobile sites that support the latest technologies and focuses on gaining and retaining the target groups. Our experienced squad will design excellent mobile set that will fit into any screen, with better display and faster browsing.

Open Source Development

Being the highly reputed Web design and development Company based in Calicut, Dimoda Labs has all web based solutions to make your work easy. Open Source Development is one of the major services offered by Dimoda Labs to our clientele. Our team of experts design and develop commercial open-source software that enables users to study, modify and distribute the software.The Open Source Development is made possible through technologies like E-Commerce development, CMS frameworks, shopping carts, community services and many other varieties ofopen source modules.

  • Reduced development cost and time
  • Custom development and website integration
  • Innovative customized open source solutions

Content Management Solution

Dimoda Labs has the highly sophisticated Content Management Solutions that offers excellent Content Management advantage to the users. Our expert team offers integrated and customized Content Management Solutions to all business firms across the globe that enables them to create, edit and publish ontent, and thus easily manage all the web contents in a cost-effective manner.

  • CMS will help to increase the website traffic
  • CMS is available as installable applications and web-based user interfaces
  • CMS provides an intuitive user interface for building and modifying webpage content

User Interface Development

The objective of User Interface is to make the user’s interaction as simple and efficient as possible, in terms of accomplishing user goals and hence the role of User Interface in digital media in achieving the desired outputs is inevitable. At Dimoda Labs, the web development company in Calicut, the User Interface Engineers deal with the research, design and development of websites, web applications, mobile applications and software development with high end User Interface.

  • We effectively develop UI in a clean, well structured, easily maintainable format
  • The ultimate focus is on maximizing the usability and the user experience
  • Graphic design and typography support its usability and improves the aesthetic appeal

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